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List of PRAs (Organism)

No PRA published

List of PRAs (Host)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Express PRA for Pseudococcus viburni 2013-03-10 2019-07-08
Express PRA for Turnip crinkle virus – Occurrence – 2019-02-20 2021-11-23
Express–PRA zum Turnip crinkle virus 2019-02-20 2020-07-03
Pest categorisation of Naupactus leucoloma 2020-03-26 2020-04-30
Rapid Pest Risk Analysis for Chrysodeixis chalcites 2014-05-14 2019-07-11
Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Meloidogyne chitwoodi Golden, O’Bannon, Santo et Finley, 1980 2016-09-30 2019-07-08