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EPPO Platform on PRAs


This platform was launched in September 2018. It aims to share work done on the evaluation of pest risk. It includes national Pest Risk Analyses (PRAs) produced by EPPO countries (incl. quick scans, commodities PRAs) on all pests including invasive plants in different languages. Users may also share draft PRAs, or plans for future PRAs.

Please note that only part of the information is public and more information is available to registered users (e.g. draft PRAs, PRAs from non-EPPO countries).

EPPO is not responsible for the content and conclusions of the PRAs prepared by other entities and presented in this platform.

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What's new

The Database is regularly updated with new documents   being posted. As of the 31st of July2020, more than 1200 documents are available.

  • In July many German PRAs have been uploaded.
  • The EPPO PRA on Tomato brown rugose fruit virus is available.
  • The search tools have been improved with the addition of an ‘Advanced search’ in which different criteria can be combined.
  • For registered users, the dashboard has been reorganized so that all PRAs can be more easily managed.

List of 10 latest PRAs made publicly available

Title Country Institut Posted
Pest categorisation of Haplaxius crudus EU European Food Safety Authority 2020-07-31
Express-PRA zu Southern tomato virus Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-31
Express–PRA zu Orgyia leucostigma Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-30
Express – PRA zu Lyctoxylon dentatum Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-30
Express–PRA zu Moniliophthora roreri Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-28
Express–PRA zu Meloidogyne enterolobii Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-28
Express-PRA zu Metcalfa pruinosa Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-28
Express – PRA zu Lyctus cavicollis Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-24
Express-PRA zu Lyctus brunneus Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-24
Express-PRA zu Lyctus africanus Germany Julius Kuehn-Institut 2020-07-23