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Castanea sativa

List of PRAs (Organism)

No PRA published

List of PRAs (Host)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Chestnut-associated insects alien to Europe 2017-05-04 2018-12-06
Express PRA for Lyctus cavicollis – Interception – 2019-12-18 2021-09-17
Pest categorisation of Platypus apicalis 2022-05-17 2022-06-21
Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for Ceratocystis fagacearum 2015-07-30 2019-07-11
Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for: Corythucha arcuata 2018-11-01 2019-07-11
Revised Rapid Assessment of the need for a detailed Pest Risk Analysis for Phytophthora pseudosyringae 2012-01-30 2020-05-07
Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Massicus raddei Kusama, 1973 2017-10-12 2019-07-08