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Meloidogyne chitwoodi

List of PRAs (Organism)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Assessment of Quarantine Pest Dispersal from Norwegian Potato and Root Vegetable Packing Plants with Evaluation of Risk Reducing Options 2018-09-24 2024-01-22
Meloidogyne chitwoodi, M. fallax and M. hapla – resistance of plants relevant in Swedish cropping systems 2019-02-28 2022-01-14
Pest risk analysis of Meloidogyne chitwoodi for Finland 1995-09-01 2018-07-27
Prima Phacie Pest risk assessment on Meloidogyne chitwoodi 2011-06-01 2020-07-03
Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Meloidogyne chitwoodi Golden, O’Bannon, Santo et Finley, 1980 2016-09-30 2019-07-08