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Trogoderma granarium

List of PRAs (Organism)

Title Date PRA Date publication
Commencement of a pest risk analysis for khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) 2022-07-07 2022-07-07
Khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) - An evaluation of the information regarding its presence in Sweden 2020-10-21 2021-03-02
Modelling the Arrival of Invasive Organisms via the International Marine Shipping Network: A Khapra Beetle Study 2012-09-06 2020-09-24
Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for grain and seed of Rice, (Oryza sativa L.) within East African Countries 2019-11-28 2021-06-29
Prioritization of invasive alien species with the potential to threaten agriculture and biodiversity in Kenya through horizon scanning 2022-05-31 2022-10-18