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Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Dendrolimus sibiricus


Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Dendrolimus sibiricus

PRA area: Poland

Describe the endangered area: mixed and pure stands of conifers

Main conclusions

White-lined silk moth presents a potential risk for forests in PRA area. Considering climatic conditions and the fact that conifers are commonly (almost 70% of trees) in Poland it is expected that pest will be able to establish and spread in PRA area.

If environmental resistance will be insufficient there is possibility of progressively establishment and forest damage.

All of phytosanitary measures and eradication methods should be used in case of pest occurrence in PRA area. Import of wood material is prohibited from non European countries so this way of entry is insignificant.

Wood or plants with larvae or eggs of D.sibiricus need to be destroy.


  • Dendrolimus sibiricus


  • Abies nephrolepis
  • Abies sachalinensis
  • Abies sibirica
  • Larix gmelinii
  • Larix sibirica
  • Picea jezoensis
  • Picea obovata
  • Pinus koraiensis
  • Pinus sibirica


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PRA Area

  • Poland