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ESA Pest Risk Analysis - The risk of introducing Erwinia stewartii in maize seed


This analysis of the risk of introducing Erwinia stewartii in maize seed was prepared at the request of the International Seed Federation (ISF) as an initiative to promote transparency in decision making and the technical justification of restrictions on trade in accordance with international standards. 

The PRA area includes any country in the world that trades in maize seed for planting and where E. stewartii is not present.

This report provides the technical justification and an assessment of the risk level that may be posed by trade in commercial seed, and suggests field and laboratory phytosanitary risk management procedures (measures) that can be applied in accordance with international standards under the IPPC and the WTO SPS Agreement. It is considered that the implementation of these recommended procedures, done to an international standard, will lead to the removal of unjustified restrictions. In the spirit of the harmonization of phytosanitary processes we urge the consideration of this report which identifies the levels of risk and also the appropriate management options which if implemented by the seed industry will permit trade without compromising phytosanitary security 


  • Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii


  • Zea mays


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