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Express pest risk analysis of tomato brown rugose fruit virus for France


In view of:
- the importance of the greenhouse tomato production sector in France,
- the high infectivity of this virus and the susceptibility of the tomato,
- the succession of reports at production sites on several continents and especially within the EU,
- and the lack of regulatory measures against this virus (in March 2019), which could lead to certain high risk pathways, this internal request requires an express risk assessment of ToBRFV to be carried out in order to:
 assess the probability of introduction and spread of ToBRFV and the scale of the potential economic impacts in metropolitan France (PRA area),
 propose possible management measures in the event of an unacceptable risk to the production sector.


  • Tobamovirus
  • Tomato brown rugose fruit virus


  • Capsicum annuum
  • Solanum lycopersicum


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PRA Area

  • France