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Analysis of pest risk for Ukraine Cydia inopinata Heinrich


The high probability of acclimatization of the Manchurian moth in Ukraine is due to the compliance of the climatic conditions with the pest distribution area and a huge number of host plants throughout the territory. The potential habitat of C. inopinata can be almost the entire territory of Ukraine. As an effective measure, it is possible to ban the import of plant fruits — hosts from countries that are the habitat of the Manchurian moth. Analysis of pest risk for Ukraine C. inopinata (Manchurian moth) identified the need to provide the pest with the status of a quarantine organism absent in Ukraine, include the species on the A1 list and make changes to the “List of regulated pests of Ukraine 

Titova L, Klechkovskiy Y, Palagina,O (2019) Analysis of pest risk for Ukraine Cydia inopinata Heinrich. Quarantine and Plant Protection, (5-6), 1-4. https://doi.org/10.36495/2312-0614.2019.5-6.1-4 (In Ukrainian with English and Russian abstract)


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