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Csl Pest risk analysis for Paratrichodorus minor


Paratrichodorus minor is a highly polyphagous plant pest, generally found in tropical or subtropical soils. It has entered the UK in growing media associated with palm trees and is most likely to establish on ornamental plants grown under protection. There is a moderate likelihood of the pest establishing outdoors in the UK through the planting of imported plants in gardens or amenity areas. However there is a low likelihood of the nematode spreading from such areas to commercial food crops, to which it presents a small risk of economic impact. P. minor is known to vector the Tobacco rattle virus (TRV), which affects potatoes, possibly strains that are not already present in the UK, but the risk of the nematode entering in association with seed potatoes is low. Overall the risk of P. minor to the UK is rated as low. 


  • Paratrichodorus minor
  • Tobravirus tabaci


  • Arecaceae
  • Solanum tuberosum
  • Triticum


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  • United Kingdom