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Quickscan Frankliniella platensis


The Quickscan was conducted after the interception of Frankliniella platensis on Tulbaghia bulbs imported from Brazil. Very little information is available about the species. Thrips-like symptoms were, however, observed that had most likely been caused by F. platensis. The species is known from two Allium species and has now also been found on Tulberghia violaceae. The host range is, therefore, highly uncertain. It is assessed to be able to establish in at least the southern part of the EU. In more northern areas, it may survive during storage (for species that are stored during winter and planted in the spring). No reports on damage were found but it may be a potential pest species for various bulb species in the EU. The species was intercepted on plants intended for planting and, therefore the probability of introduction is relatively high (as compared to products intended for consumption).


  • Frankliniella platensis


  • Allium neapolitanum
  • Allium triquetrum
  • Tulbaghia


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Pest Risk Analysis Download 62,47kB

PRA Area

  • Netherlands