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Senecio brasiliensis (Spreng.) Less. (Asteraceae), another potentially invasive alien species in Europe.


Dana ED, Verloove F, Alves P, Heiden G (2021) Senecio brasiliensis (Spreng.) Less. (Asteraceae), another potentially invasive alien species in Europe. BioInvasions Records 10(3), 521–536. 536, https://doi.org/10.3391/bir.2021.10.3.02

Senecio brasiliensis (Spreng.) Less., native to South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina), is reported for the first time as a naturalized alien species from Europe (near Porto; Portugal). The species’ taxonomy and nomenclature were analysed based on literature data. Its ecology, habitat, biology and possible vector of introduction are discussed. As a necessary step towards a risk assessment, the suitability of European climates for the species’ settlement was analysed. Fourteen countries with suitable climatic conditions appeared in all our models: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom (England). Given the ecological characteristics of the species and the climatic features of the areas analysed, it is concluded that S. brasiliensis exhibits a great potential to become an invasive alien in Europe


  • Senecio brasiliensis


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