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Pest Risk Analysis for Opogona sacchari


At present, EU council directive 2000/29/EC lists Opogona sacchari as an Annex IAII organism which means that it is regulated for all plants and products and known to occur in the EU. The pest is regularly found in plants for planting imported from third countries and moving in trade within the EU despite its regulatory status. Infestations are difficult to detect during import inspections, larvae are present inside the host tissue, and many infested consignments likely enter without being detected. As a result O. sacchari is present in greenhouses growing ornamentals in several EU countries. Except from Madeira and Azores, only a few findings of the pest have been reported outside greenhouses thus far. Because of the many findings of the pest in the EU, the present PRA evaluates the risk of O. sacchari, the current legislation and options to reduce the risk of entry into and spread within the EU.


  • Opogona sacchari


  • Ananas
  • Capsicum sp.
  • Musa
  • Solanum melongena


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PRA Area

  • Netherlands