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List of potential aquatic alien species of the Iberian peninsula (2020)


An updated list is presented of the alien species in the transport or introduction invasion stage in inland waters of the Iberian Peninsula. The list is based on a systematic assessment of information in collaboration with a wide expert team from Spain and Portugal. This list is an important tool to support the implementation of the IAS Regulation, particularly in prevention measures and in the development of an Early Warning and Rapid Response (EWRR) system. Ultimately, the information included can help to the achievement of the target of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 for combatting IAS, but also for the implementation of other EU policies with requirements on alien species, such as the Birds and Habitats Directives, the Marine Strategy and Water Framework Directives.


  • Aponogeton distachyos
  • Azolla sp.
  • Cabomba caroliniana
  • Callitriche deflexa
  • Crassula helmsii
  • Crepidula sp.
  • Culicidae
  • Decapoda
  • Dreissena sp.
  • Elodea callitrichoides
  • Elodea nuttallii
  • Gymnocoronis spilanthoides
  • Halophila stipulacea
  • Heteranthera zosterifolia
  • Hydrilla verticillata
  • Hydrocotyle moschata
  • Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
  • Hygrophila polysperma
  • Lemna aequinoctialis
  • Lemna perpusilla
  • Lemna turionifera
  • Ludwigia alternifolia
  • Lymnaeidae
  • Murdannia keisak
  • Muricidae
  • Myriophyllum verrucosum
  • Najas guadalupensis
  • Nelumbo nucifera
  • Nuphar advena
  • Nymphaea lotus
  • Orontium aquaticum
  • Ottelia alismoides
  • Pontederia cordata
  • Pontederia natans
  • Potamogeton epihydrus
  • Rotala ramosior
  • Rotala rotundifolia
  • Sagittaria graminea
  • Sagittaria platyphylla
  • Sagittaria rigida
  • Salvinia auriculata
  • Salvinia minima
  • Saururus cernuus
  • Spartina anglica
  • Spirodela punctata
  • Vallisneria nana
  • Viviparidae
  • Zostera japonica


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PRA Area

  • Portugal
  • Spain