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Quick assessments of the potential for establishment in Sweden for a selection of new quarantine pests in 2022


The list of union quarantine pests in the EU was updated with a number of new pests the 11th of April 2022 ((EU) 2019/2072). According to the plant health regulation regular surveys for all union quarantine pests shall be carried out on a regular basis by the Member States ((EU) 2016/2031). However, if it can be ‘unequivocally concluded’ that ecoclimatic conditions or the absence of hosts prevents the establishment or spread of the pest, surveys are not required. Previously, quick assessments of the potential for establishment were done for 73 of the quarantine pests for which it was uncertain whether the ecoclimatic conditions and host availability in Sweden allowed the establishment (Björklund and Boberg 20211).
SLU Risk Assessment of Plant Pests was requested by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to make similar quick assessments of the following new EU quarantine pests; Apriona cinerea, Apriona germari, Apriona rugicollis, Ceratothripoides claratris, Prodiplosis longifila, Trirachys sartus, Meloidogyne enterolobii, Citrus chlorotic spot virus and Lycorma delicatula.


  • Apriona cinerea
  • Apriona germari
  • Apriona rugicollis
  • Ceratothripoides claratris
  • Dichorhavirus citri
  • Lycorma delicatula
  • Meloidogyne enterolobii
  • Prodiplosis longifila
  • Trirachys sartus


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