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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis for Diabrotica significata


A rapid Pest Risk Analysis for a South American beetle in the family Chrysomelidae, and both adults and larvae are highly polyphagous. There is comparatively little information available on this species, and many judgments in this rapid assessment are subject to a high level of uncertainty, due to the scarcity of specific data. Larval hosts are almost entirely unknown, leading to further uncertainty in most areas of this PRA, e.g., which commodities may harbour the larvae, or what crops are most at risk.


  • Diabrotica significata
  • Diabrotica sp.


  • Amaranthus hybridus
  • Arachis hypogaea
  • Cucurbita maxima
  • Glycine max
  • Helianthus annuus
  • Solanum sisymbriifolium
  • Zea mays


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PRA Area

  • United Kingdom