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Express PRA for Aceria kuko


Up to now the gall mite Aceria kuko which is common in China occurs only sporadically in Germany or the European Union. In a pest risk assessment prepared by the Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera) in 2010 the eradication of the pest that had been introduced into the UK could not be confirmed. Also for Baden-Württemberg it is not yet known whether the infestation, which was firstly detected in 2011, has been eradicated. Detailed information on the actual spread in Germany and other Member States is not available. Without containment measures Aceria kuko may present a phytosanitary risk mainly for the commercial cultivation of Gojiberries and pepper. Economic relevance in case of introduction has to be expected mainly in respect to field growing of pepper in other European countries. Based on this risk analysis it has to be assumed that the gall mites could establish in Germany or other Member States and cause considerable damage. At the moment the economic relevance cannot be estimated because of lack of data. Hence measures for the control and on the prevention of the introduction of Aceria kuko should be met according to § 4a of the German Plant Inspection Order (PBVO). Known infested sites should be subject to an intensive eradication programme.


  • Aceria kuko


  • Capsicum annuum
  • Lycium barbarum
  • Lycium chinense
  • Solanum lycopersicum
  • Solanum nigrum


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