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Feedback on a list of plant pests with candidates for risk assessments – Batch 3 (2022)



Three plant pests were recently found in EFSAs media and literature horizon scanning and
evaluated using EFSAs PeMoScoring tool (EFSA 2021). The pests were scored as either
positive (above a certain threshold value) or negative (below the threshold).
The three species were:
 Neofusicoccum mediterraneum (positive)
 Citrus concave gum-associated virus (negative)
 Chinese wheat mosaic virus (negative)
SLU Risk Assessment of Plant Pests was requested by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to
provide feedback in terms of (i) whether any of these pests are present in Sweden and (ii)
whether there are some special reasons to exclude or prioritize any of the pests for further pest categorizations (i.e., in addition to those provided by an EFSA PeMoScoring evaluation of these species (EFSA 2022, unpublished)).


  • Chinese wheat mosaic virus
  • Coguvirus citri


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  • Sweden