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Express PRA for Strauzia longipennis


Low to medium phytosanitary risk for the cultivation of sunflowers and ornamental production of sunflowers in Germany; medium to high risk for the cultivation in southern MS with extensive cultivation of sunflowers. The likelihood of natural spread from the infested area presumably is low because only light population density was developed in sunflower fields in the open landscape; in 2012/2013, the winter with strong black frosts lead to a severe reduction of the population in the open landscape, whereas the population survived in Berlin and in the protected surroundings; in the case of a spacious passive dispersal to southern cultivation areas of sunflowers considerable damage and rapid natural spread can be expected; local damage of Jerusalem artichoke is possible. There is considerable uncertainty on the estimation of the damage potential in respect to the southern MS and the measures. The Express-PRA was prepared because for S. longipennis there was no risk analysis up to now


  • Strauzia longipennis


  • Ageratina altissima
  • Helianthus annuus
  • Helianthus tuberosus


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PRA Area

  • Germany