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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for Japananus hyalinus


This rapid PRA shows: This leafhopper feeding on Acer spp. is thought to originate from Asia, and is now also present in North America, Australia and parts of Europe, and its range is still expanding. No impacts have been recorded in any part of its current range. 

Risk of entry 

Japananus hyalinus is likely to enter on planting material originating from Europe but unlikely to arrive by natural spread from the continent. 

Risk of establishment

Likely to establish outdoors across much of the UK where its host are present, but unlikely to establish under protection. Economic, environmental and social impact In its current area of distribution J. hyalinus is not reported to cause any impacts, and impacts in the UK would be expected to be very small. 

Endangered area 

Though the pest may establish, there is no endangered area. 

Risk management options

Exclusion and eradication from outdoor sites is unlikely to be possible, but eradication of small populations that may occur in nurseries might be achieved. 

Key uncertainties and topics that would benefit from further investigation 

Status of the pest in the UK is uncertain – small populations may already have established. Continued contact with groups monitoring leafhopper activity in the UK should clarify if J. hyalinus is now present. Its potential as a virus/phytoplasma vector could be investigated.


  • Japananus hyalinus


  • Acer


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PRA Area

  • United Kingdom