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Express PRA for Lycorma delicatula


Overall assessment of risk: L. delicatula is present in China, Taiwan and Vietnam, and was introduced into the Republic of Korea, Japan and the USA (Pennsylvania). 

Feeding activity can cause withering of the foliage, and attacked trees may develop weeping wounds on their trunks; stunting and plant mortality may occur in heavy infestations (e.g. on Vitis vinifera). 

In China, it is overall not considered a major pest, but damage has been reported in forestry (on A. altissima), and on various fruit species (e.g. Actinidia, Malus, Prunus). 

In the Republic of Korea, it causes damage to Vitis vinifera. 

In Pennsylvania, it is present in a limited area and subject to quarantine. No economic damage has been observed to date, but it is considered by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as a potential threat for many species, such as grapevine, apple, stone fruits, nurseries and the hardwood timber industry. Information is lacking from other countries where the pest occurs.


  • Lycorma delicatula


  • Ailanthus altissima
  • Vitis vinifera
  • woody plants
  • woody plants


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