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Quick scan for Taeniothrips eucharii and hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot virus


This quick scan was prompted by a scientific paper which has shown that hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot virus (HCRV) is transmitted by the oriental lily-flower thrips, Taeniothrips eucharii. T. eucharii is present in the EU but HRCV has thus far only been reported from China. HCRV may enter the EU with import of plants or thrips carrying the virus. HCRV can probably establish in areas where the vector is present. Damage can especially be expected in Amaryllidaceae, but economic impact may be limited as the vector seems easily to control in commercial crops.


  • Orthotospovirus hippeflavi
  • Taeniothrips eucharii


  • Beaucarnea
  • Eucharis
  • Haemanthus
  • Lycoris
  • Nolina


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