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Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Tomato apical stunt viroid


Tomato apical stunt viroid has a narrow host range. Viroid may cause losses in tomato crops in case of occurence in PRA area. There are few reports of pathogen occurence in EU, Africa and Asia. Viroid is readily transmitted by sap of infected plants. This is a potential source of TASVd spread in and between crops. Viroid transmission with tomato seeds is also possible way of entry. In 2012 TASVd was reported in PRA area. Viroid was found in ornamental plants imported from Neatherlands. TASVd is not subject to special regulation and there is no special controls of postviroid occurrence in imported plants.

Visual inspection of potentially infected plants is a basic phytosanitary measure. This method seems to be unsufficient because most of infections are asymptomatic.


  • Tomato apical stunt viroid


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