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Pest risk assessment made by France on Erionota thrax L. in French overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion


Erionota  thrax  (L.)  (Insecta:  Lepidoptera:  Hesperiidae),  the  palm  redeye,  banana  skipper  or  banana leafroller, is a pest of bananas, Musa textilis, and some other Zingiberales. 

Larvae feed on  leaves  of  cultivated  and  wild  banana  plants.  In  its  native  areas,  the  defoliation  of  banana  plants  is  usually  very  low,  but  in  non-native  areas  it  can  be  serious  during  outbreaks  and  favourable weather conditions. Complete defoliation has been reported sporadically.

The  Panel  concluded  that  it  is  not  possible  to  conduct  a  risk  assessment  on  E.  thrax  alone  because  of  uncertainties  with  its  taxonomy  and  the  general  confusion  in  the  literature  about  Erionota spp.  The  document  is  therefore,  in  effect,  not  a  risk  assessment  just  forE.  thrax  but  also  for  three  other  closely  related Erionota spp.  (E.  torus, E.  hiraca,  and  E.  surprisa).  The  judgements  made  by  the  Panel  –  if  not  specified  otherwise  –  thus  refer  to  all  four  of  these  closely related Erionota spp.


  • Erionota sp.
  • Erionota thrax


  • Musa
  • Musa textilis


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