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Opinion of the Scientific Panel on plant health (PLH) on the Pest Risk Analysis made by Spain on Bactrocera zonata


The  European  Commission  requested  EFSA  to  provide  a  scientific  opinion  on  the  Pest  Risk Analysis (PRA) made by Spain on Bactrocera zonata, a fruit fly listed in the quarantine list  of  the  Community  plant  health  legislation  (Council  Directive  2000/29/EC)  and  in particular  to  consider  the  threats  posed  by  Bactrocera  zonata  to  the  whole  Community,  to  identify the fruit species at risk and to determine whether the management measures proposed are appropriate. 

Bactrocera  zonata  (Saunders),  the  peach  fruit  fly,  attacks  ripe  fruit  of  many  species,  especially  mango,  peach  and  guava,  rendering  them inedible.  It  is  common  in  many  tropical  and  sub-tropical  countries  of Asia,  especially  the  Indian  sub-continent,  and  has  recently  invaded  Egypt.  It  is  absent  from  the  European  Community  and  listed  in  Annex  I  Part  A  Section  I  of  the  Council  Directive  2000/29/EC  under  the  synonym Dacus  zonatus as  a  harmful  organism  whose  introduction  into,  and  spread within,  all  member  states  shall  be  banned.  In  2005,  Spain  detected Bactrocera  larvae,  assumed  to  be  B.  zonata,  in  two  consignments  of citrus  from  Egypt  and  conducted  a  pest  risk  assessment  and  an  analysis  of  risk  management  options  following  the  1997  version  of  the  EPPO  pest  risk  analysis  (PRA)  scheme. The Spanish PRA concluded that B. zonata poses a serious threat to fruit production in the Mediterranean countries of Europe and that  appropriate  management  measures  should include phytosanitary treatments before export, targeted entry inspections and the prohibition of fruit carried by passengers. 

The EFSA Scientific Panel on Plant Health conducted a detailed review of the Spanish PRA and  concluded  that  the  PRA  does  provide  sufficient  evidence  to  support  the  listing  of  B. zonata in Annex I Part A Section I of the Council Directive 2000/29/EC. The additional work required to determine the threat to the whole community, identify the fruit species at greatest risk and select the most appropriate management options is outlined.


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