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Diaprepes abbreviatus - An evaluation of the information regarding its presence in Sweden


Diaprepes abbreviatus is a root-boring weevil that cause damage to citrus, ornamental plants, and some other crops (EPPO 2016). It is native to the Caribbean and has been introduced into the southern part of USA (EPPO 2016; 2023a).

In a commodity risk assessment of Ligustrum delavayanum topiary plants grafted on L. japonicum from the UK it was assessed that D. abbreviatus required further evaluation (EFSA 2022). According to CABI (2023), D. abbreviatus is present in Sweden and the Swedish NPPO was therefore asked by EFSA to determine its pest status. SLU Risk Assessment of Plant Pests was requested by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to provide all information available on the presence of D. abbreviatus in Sweden.


  • Diaprepes abbreviatus


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