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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis Xylosandrus germanus


 This rapid pest risk analysis (PRA) provides a quick assessment of the risks posed by the pest to Sweden, which is the PRA area being assessed. The format is an adapted version of the EPPO Express PRA scheme (EPPO 2012). Definition of terms used as well as the rating scheme and assessments are done in line with the guidance given in EPPO CAPRA system (EPPO 2011). The likelihood of entry and establishment are assessed considering the current phytosanitary regulation in place with respect to the EU legislation (Council Directive 2000/29/EC). The definition of a quarantine pest follows the regulation (EU) 2016/2031. 


  • Xylosandrus germanus


Type File Size
Pest Risk Analysis Download 366,70kB

PRA Area

  • Sweden