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Quick scan for Pochazia shantungensis


This Quickscan was prompted by the finding of P. shantungensis in a private garden in the Netherlands. Until recently, P. shantungensis was not known to be present in the EU. It has a limited distribution in the EU and at least one member state takes official control measures against the pest. P. shantungensis has a wide host range including economically important fruit crops. P. shantungensis can likely establish in southern and eastern regions in the EU with warm summers. It is uncertain whether the organism can establish in more northern regions like the Netherlands. A more detailed assessment is needed to assess the northern border of its potential area of distribution in the EU. The potential impact is uncertain but may be high for southern and eastern regions in the EU with warm summers. Once established, P. shantungensis is expected to be difficult to eradicate.


  • Pochazia shantungensis


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