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CSL Pest Risk Analysis For Chrysophtharta bimaculata (OLIVIER)


C. bimaculata is a serious pest of Eucalyptus spp. trees in Tasmania. It could probably survive outside in much of Europe including the UK and has the potential to be a pest of the Eucalyptus globulus plantations in Portugal and Spain. The potential total economic consequences of establishment in the UK are low but the potential consequences of establishment in Spain or Portugal are high due to the large eucalypt plantations that are there. Imports of field collected Dicksonia antarctica (tree ferns) or Eucalyptus trees, foliage or timber from Tasmania or Victoria into Europe provides a pathway for the entry of this beetle. The prospects of continued exclusion are considered to be good, because the only known EU interceptions have occurred on tree ferns and the Australian government has agreed that future shipments of Dicksonia antarctica will be nursery grown for at least a year


  • Paropsisterna bimaculata


  • Dicksonia antarctica
  • Eucallipterus sp.
  • Eucalyptus globulus


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  • United Kingdom