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Rapid assessment of the need for a detailed Pest Risk Analysis for Conogethes punctiferalis (Guenée)


Live larvae were first intercepted in England and Wales in 2007 and, in 2011, 13 interceptions of larvae were made (Fera unpublished data), with statutory action recommended on consignments of fruit with the pest. Due to reports of damage to apples in Northern China (CABI, 2011), these UK findings were considered to be significant and a rapid PRA was requested to clarify the threat to the UK. Conogethes punctiferalis is a pest of concern to the NPPOs of several countries including New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA.


  • Dichocrocis punctiferalis


  • Abies
  • Allium cepa
  • Castanea
  • Cedrus
  • Citrus
  • Curcuma longa
  • Durio zibethinus
  • Elettaria cardamomum
  • Helianthus annuus
  • Larix
  • Malus
  • Pinus
  • Prunus
  • Punica granatum
  • Pyrus
  • Quercus acutissima
  • Ricinus communis
  • Tectona grandis
  • Theobroma cacao
  • Vitis vinifera
  • Zea mays
  • Zingiber officinale


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PRA Area

  • United Kingdom