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Argyrotaenia franciscana - pest risk assessment


Although written following the Canadian format, this assessment is for the UK, written by a visiting scientist to the Canadian NPPO.

Native to the United States, the orange tortrix moth (Argyrotaenia franciscana Borden) is believed to have spread along the Pacific coast to Canada and Mexico. Argyrotaenia franciscana is one of the most polyphagous species of North American Lepidoptera with over 160 hosts listed. Nearly all hosts are alien plants or native plants growing in domesticated habitats. Fruit species are most impacted by this pest as larvae feed on developing buds, blossoms, fruits, stems and leaves of hosts, damaging fruit quality and yield as well as being a contaminant during harvesting. Many parasites control the population of this moth in its native range; however, none are believed to be present in the UK. The current assessment indicates with climate modelling that Argyrotaenia franciscana would be able to survive and establish in some parts of the PRA area if accidentally introduced. Known hosts of this moth are present across the PRA area and it is anticipated that new hosts would be recorded in the UK.


  • Argyrotaenia franciscana


  • Vaccinium


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