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Express PRA for Xylotrechus chinensis


Xylotrechus chinensis is endemic in Asia and does not yet occur in Germany and the EU. Up to now, it is listed neither in the Annexes of Dir. 2000/29/EC nor by the EPPO. Xylotrechus chinensis infests mulberries. Adult beetles feed also on apple trees and trees of edible chestnuts. It is assumed that due to suitable climatic conditions the longhornbeetle is capable to establish in – at least - southern EU-MS, possibly also in Germany. Due to its damage potential - especially for mulberries - X. chinensis presumably poses a phytosanitary risk for Germany and other EU-Member States. Based on this risk analysis it is assumed that the pest could establish in Germany or another Member State and cause considerable damage. Thus preventive measures against the risk of introduction of this potential quarantine pest should be taken according to § 4a of the Plant Inspection Order. Therefore the intercepted consignment must be destroyed or treated according to § 4a of the Plant Inspection Order


  • Xylotrechus chinensis


  • Castanea
  • Malus
  • Morus


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  • Germany