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Pest categorisation of non‐EU viruses of Rubus L.


The Panel on Plant Health of EFSA conducted a pest categorisation of 17 viruses of Rubus L. that were previously classified as either non‐EU or of undetermined standing in a previous opinion. 

These infectious agents belong to different genera and are heterogeneous in their biology. Blackberry virus X, blackberry virus Z and wineberry latent virus were not categorised because of lack of information while grapevine red blotch virus was excluded because it does not infect Rubus

All 17 viruses are efficiently transmitted by vegetative propagation, with plants for planting representing the major pathway for entry and spread. For some viruses, additional pathway(s) are Rubus seeds, pollen and/or vector(s).

Most of the viruses categorised here infect only one or few plant genera, but some of them have a wide host range, thus extending the possible entry pathways.

Cherry rasp leaf virus, raspberry latent virus, raspberry leaf curl virus, strawberry necrotic shock virus, tobacco ringspot virus and tomato ringspot virus meet all the criteria to qualify as potential Union quarantine pests (QPs).

With the exception of impact in the EU territory, on which the Panel was unable to conclude, blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus, blackberry leaf mottle‐associated virus, blackberry vein banding‐associated virus, blackberry virus E, blackberry virus F, blackberry virus S, blackberry virus Y and blackberry yellow vein‐associated virus satisfy all the other criteria to be considered as potential QPs.

Black raspberry cryptic virus, blackberry calico virus and Rubus canadensis virus 1 do not meet the criterion of having a potential negative impact in the EU. 

For several viruses, the categorisation is associated with high uncertainties, mainly because of the absence of data on biology, distribution and impact. Since the opinion addresses non‐EU viruses, they do not meet the criteria to qualify as potential Union regulated non‐quarantine pests.


  • Allexivirus epsilonrubi
  • Ampelovirus venarubi
  • Badnavirus phirubi
  • Brambyvirus rubi
  • Cheravirus avii
  • Crinivirus rubi
  • Foveavirus unicanadense
  • Ilarvirus BCRV
  • Ilarvirus SNSV
  • Marafivirus rubi
  • Nepovirus lycopersici
  • Nepovirus nicotianae
  • Raspberry latent virus
  • Raspberry leaf curl virus
  • Viruses and viroids
  • Wineberry latent virus


  • Rubus


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