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CSL Pest risk analysis for Tetranychus evansi


The EPPO Secretariat added T. evansi to the EPPO Alert List in May 2004. This PRA demonstrates that Tetranychus evansi is a pest threatening a number of glasshouse crops in the UK. Over the past 30 or so years T. evansi has been spreading outdoors in Africa and North America. It has recently reached the EPPO region where it has established in coastal Spain, Portugal and SW France. It has also been found in glasshouses in these regions. Significant crop losses can be caused by this pest. T. evansi has been been intercepted twice in the UK on aubergines from Kenya (April and September, 2005). Pesticide resistance is known and biological control, as used in many northern European glasshouses growing edible crops, is not currently feasible. Since T. evansi is morphologically similar to other spider mite species already present in the UK and Europe it can easily be confused with them and therefore remain undetected. It would be wise to maintain UK glasshouses free from this pest.


  • Tetranychus evansi


  • Solanaceae
  • Solanum lycopersicum


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  • United Kingdom