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List of non‐EU viruses and viroids infecting potato (Solanum tuberosum) and other tuber‐forming Solanum species


The European Commission requested a pest categorisation of the non-EU viruses and viroids of potato (hereafter referred to as viruses). As a first step, a systematic literature and database search was carried out to identify the viruses reported to naturally infect Solanum tuberosum and other tuberforming Solanum spp (hereafter referred to as potato). Based on the global distribution and on the prevalence inside the European Union (EU), the Panel identified 40 non-EU viruses known to occur only outside the EU or with only a limited presence in the EU (reported in only one or few Member States (MSs) and/or with restricted distribution, outbreaks). Twenty-seven viruses were identified as having a significant presence in the EU (known to occur in several MSs, frequently reported in the EU, widespread in several MSs) or reported only from the EU so far, and will be excluded from further categorisation in the frame of the present mandate. Five viruses remained with an undetermined standing because the available information did not allow their allocation to one of the above groups. The viruses considered non-EU and those with undetermined standing will be further categorised if not addressed by EFSA in previous scientific opinions. Seven viruses for which non-European isolates are specifically regulated in Annex I of directive 2000/29/EC will be categorised separately. The main knowledge gaps and uncertainties of this grouping concern the natural host status of potato, the taxonomy, and/or information on the geographical distribution and prevalence of some of the analysed viruses.


  • Andean potato latent virus
  • Andean potato mild mosaic virus
  • Andean potato mottle virus
  • Arracacha virus B
  • Beet curly top virus
  • Capsicum chlorosis virus
  • Cherry rasp leaf virus
  • Chilli leaf curl India virus
  • Chilli leaf curl virus
  • Chrysanthemum stunt viroid
  • Colombian potato soil-borne virus
  • Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus
  • Groundnut bud necrosis virus
  • Groundnut ringspot virus
  • Papaya leaf crumple virus
  • Papaya mosaic virus
  • Potato aucuba mosaic virus
  • Potato black ringspot virus
  • Potato latent virus
  • Potato virus B
  • Potato yellowing virus
  • Potato yellow mosaic virus
  • Potato yellow vein virus
  • Red clover vein mosaic virus
  • Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus
  • Tomato mottle Taino virus
  • Tomato severe rugose virus
  • Tomato yellow leaf curl virus
  • Tomato yellow ring virus
  • Tomato yellow vein streak virus
  • Viruses and viroids
  • Wild potato mosaic virus


  • Solanum tuberosum


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