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Express PRA for Pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus


In 2009, the Pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus was detected for the first time in Germany. In 2016, it was the reason for considerable loss in cultures of broad bean and pea in Germany and Austria. Pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus is a nanovirus and only infests leguminous plants, mainly peas and broad beans. It is transmitted by aphids like the Black Bean Aphid and the Green Pea Aphid. The transmission via seeds or a mechanic transmission is not possible for nanoviruses. Originally, nanoviruses are exclusively known from Australia, Asia, North Africa and South-West Asia. Nevertheless, throughout the past years various other nanoviruses were detected also in Serbia, Austria, Spain and Sweden. It is assumed that the Pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus is widespread in Germany and also present in other European countries but the conditions for the development of damage are not yet obvious. Thus, the Plant Inspection Order, § 4 (a) does not apply in this case. Due to its possible high damage potential for leguminous plants, in either case appropriate measures should be taken to control the Pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus.


  • Nanovirus necropisi


  • Pisum sativum
  • Vicia faba
  • Vicia lens
  • Vicia sativa


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Pest Risk Analysis Download 62,47kB

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  • Germany