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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis for Scolytus morawitzi


This rapid assessment shows: 

Risk of entry - Current Plant Health legislation on coniferous trees and wood is designed to reduce the chances of entry of non-European Scolytinae (as Scolytidae spp. (non-European)) on coniferous trees and wood. However, as this pest is present in European Russia these requirements do not apply to material from that origin. Therefore it would seem to be necessary to put in place requirements in relation to Larix spp. entering the UK (and EU) from areas where this pest is known to occur. 

Risk of establishment and economic impact - The climate of the UK is suitable for establishment, and trees in the host genus are widely grown. However, a key uncertainty is the host suitability of Larix spp. grown in the UK. While S. morawitzi feeds on a number of species of Larix in its native range, none of these proven host species are widely grown in this country, with three other Larix species commonly planted instead. If species of Larix vary in susceptibility to attack by S. morawitzi, then the species of Larix found in the UK could be more or less suitable as hosts, which will affect the risk of establishment, as well as the potential economic impact on UK forestry. The precise impact of this species in its native range has not apparently been quantified, which makes assessment of the impact to the UK difficult. The reliability of the two reports of Pinus as a host need to be researched further as this assessment was only carried out on Larix as suitable hosts. If Pinus is another potential host genus, this could alter many of the ratings presented here. 

Endangered area - The whole of the UK is at risk, as the climate is similar to the native range of S. morawitzi and Larix spp. are found throughout the country. More generally, most of Northern and Central Europe are also at risk from this pest. 

Risk management - Legislation to exclude this pest is the best risk management option for the UK.


  • Scolytus morawitzi


  • Larix sp.
  • Pinus koraiensis


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