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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for: Agapanthus gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)


The agapanthus gall midge, which is new to science, is a damaging pest of Agapanthus. In June 2015, the pest was added to the Plant Health Risk Register and it was decided that statutory action should be taken against findings of the agapanthus gall midge on commercially traded plants. At this time, the midge had only been recorded at three sites in southern England. The midge has now been found to have spread widely across the south of England and has been recorded in West Yorkshire. A PRA has therefore been initiated to see if statutory action in trade is still justified. 

Risk of entry; The agapanthus gall midge is already present in the UK, and is suspected to have arrived from southern Africa where Agapanthus is native, possibly on plants for planting or cut flowers. However, there are no official records of the midge outside of the UK and Guernsey. Therefore, entry has been rated as likely with medium confidence. 

Risk of establishment: The agapanthus gall midge is already established in the UK and is widespread in the south of England. There has also been a record of the agapanthus gall midge in a garden in West Yorkshire. It seems likely that the midge can establish wherever Agapanthus is grown. Therefore, establishment has been rated as very likely with high confidence.


  • Enigmadiplosis agapanthi


  • Agapanthus


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  • United Kingdom