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Scientific Opinion on the pest categorisation of Aonidiella citrina


The Panel on Plant Health undertook a pest categorisation for the scale insect Aonidiella citrina for the European Union. A. citrina is a distinct species, but examination with a microscope is required to distinguish it from A. aurantii, which is also a citrus pest originating from Asia, but is much more widespread in southern Europe and far more damaging than A. citrinaA. citrina was first found in Europe in 1994 but has been recorded only in Italy, France and Greece. It is primarily a citrus pest, but has been found in association with a variety of other plant genera. Southern areas of the EU, where citrus plants are cultivated, are potentially suitable for outdoor establishment of A. citrina. The pest has not been recorded in protected cultivation. No serious impacts of A. citrina have been recorded in Europe, and an integrated pest management programme, combining chemical and biological controls, is considered to be effective. A. citrina is an insect listed in Annex IIAI of Council Directive 2000/29/EC in relation to its main hosts: CitrusFortunella and Poncirus plants. These hosts are also regulated in Annex III and Annex V and are explicitly mentioned in Council Directive 2008/90/EC.


  • Aonidiella citrina


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