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Express-PRA for Heterobostrychus pileatus – Interception


The beetle is endemic to Southeast Asia and does not yet occur in the EU. It has not yet been listed in the Annexes of Regulation (EU) 2019/2072 or by EPPO.

Heterobostrychus pileatus infests various tropical and subtropical trees and wood.

Due to unsuitable climatic conditions, it is assumed that the beetle cannot establish outdoors in Germany and Central Europe. The establishment in southern European Member States is unlikely, too. No significant damage is expected.

Based on this risk analysis, Heterobostrychus pileatus is not classified as a quarantine pest and thus, Article 29 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 does not apply. Nevertheless, for reasons of wood protection, the destruction of infested material as a precautionary measure or phytosanitary treatment is recommended to ensure that stored wood of respective host plant species is not infested or that the beetles do not continue to reproduce within the infested material and to destroy it.

In the specific case of a detection in imported wooden packaging material, it must be considered that the presence of H. pileatus possibly can be traced back to an insufficient treatment according to ISPM No. 15, especially since the extent of the infestation was severe


  • Heterobostrychus pileatus


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