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EPPO Express PRA for Ambrosia confertiflora


Ambrosia confertiflora presents a high phytosanitary risk for the endangered area with high uncertainty. A high level of uncertainty is associated with this species as there are few published scientific studies to assess ecological impacts of the species. In addition, variation in severity of impacts are seen across its introduced range. In Israel, the Expert Working Group (EWG) considers the species has high impacts on ecosystem services (provisioning, regulating and cultural ecosystem services) and native biodiversity compared to that seen in Australia, where impacts are not widespread. Coupled with this is the low likelihood of entry from any of the detailed pathways. The risk of further spread within and among countries within the region is high. The overall likelihood of A. confertiflora continuing to enter the EPPO region is low. The fact that no trade and commercial activities exist between the infested area (Israel) and the rest of the EPPO region via land (except for Jordan), may reduce the proliferation risk of A. confertiflora (i.e. potentially infested products cannot be exported from Israel via Lebanon or Syria due to the permanent and lasting state of war existing between these countries).

2021: The PRA rwas modified to clarify the phytosanitary measures recommended


  • Ambrosia confertiflora


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