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List of non‐EU Scolytinae of coniferous hosts


Following a request from the European Commission, the EFSA Panel on Plant Health prepared a list of non-EU Scolytinae spp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) affecting coniferous hosts. A literature review and search of databases, conducted up to January 2019, identified 804 Scolytinae species and subspecies of coniferous hosts. These Scolytinae were assigned to two categories (a) 705 non-EU species and subspecies, known to occur only outside the EU or having only limited presence in the EU, and (b) 99 species and subspecies with substantial presence in the EU (i.e. they are only reported so far from the EU or known to occur or be widespread in some Member States or reported in more than three EU MS). Scolytinae of category (b) will be excluded from further categorisation efforts. The main knowledge gaps and uncertainties of this listing concern (i) the status of species that are present in only a few MS and (ii) the status of the species that are present only at boundaries of the EU territory. The non-EU Scolytinae will be categorised by the Panel in a separate opinion.


  • Acanthotomicus
  • Ambrosiodmus
  • Carphoborus
  • Carphoborus minimus
  • Coccotrypes
  • Conophthorus
  • Cryphalus
  • Cryphalus intermedius
  • Cryphalus saltuarius
  • Crypturgus
  • Cyrtogenius luteus
  • Dendroctonus
  • Dolurgus pumilus
  • Dryocoetes
  • Euwallacea
  • Gnathotrichus
  • Hylastes
  • Hylurdrectonus
  • Hylurgops
  • Hypothenemus
  • Ips
  • Ips subelongatus
  • Liparthrum
  • Monarthrum
  • Orthotomicus
  • Phloeosinus
  • Pityogenes
  • Pityokteines
  • Pityophthorus
  • Pityophthorus solus
  • Polygraphus
  • Pseudohylesinus
  • Scolytidae
  • Scolytinae
  • Scolytus
  • Tomicus
  • Trypophloeus asperatus


  • conifers


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