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Summary of the Express Pest Risk Analysis for Longidorus diadecturus Eveleigh i Allen, 1982


Longidorus diadecturus Eveleigh i Allen, 1982 is a peach pest and vector of Peach rosette mosaic virus (PRMV). Despite lack of data from the literature, this nematode is possibly  polyphagous like other Longidorus species. L. diadecturus occurs in USA and Canada. In case of similar climate condtions in PRA area there is high posibility that pest may appear and survie in Poland. The most likely way of entry is transport/import of infected soil or substrat in which host plants are cultivated.

Rating of the likelihood of entry: low

Rating of the likelihood of establishment outdoors and in protected conditions: moderate

Rating of the likelihood of spread: moderate

Rating of the likelihood of impact without phytosanitary measures: moderate

There is lack of data and information to overall pottential risk assessment


  • Longidorus diadecturus


  • Prunus persica


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PRA Area

  • Poland