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PRA for Meloidogyne enterolobii


Both the PRA and the PRA report are available. 

Expert working group in 2009-05, core member consultation 2009-09. This PRA supported the addition of this pest to the EPPO A2 List in 2010.

The pest can establish in the PRA area and cause economic damage. Nematodes are difficult to control. 

Probability of entry is considered high taking into account the likelihood of association and concentration of the pest at origin with the pathway, the volumes of trade and frequency, the likelihood to survive and to remain undetected. Almost all component of entry potential have been rated high. If imported infested plants are subsequently grown in a (greenhouse or field) nursery, this will aid transfer to a suitable host. If plants are for final consumers as pot plants the risk of transfer to suitable hosts is lower. Outbreaks of the pest have been recorded in the PRA area (Switzerland, France) demonstrating that entry is possible. 

The pest presents a risk of establishment in the EPPO region. Outdoor establishment is likely in the southern part of the region. The pest may also survive in the northern part of the region but temperature is less favourable for tropical root-knot nematodes. Establishment under protected conditions is possible in all parts of the region. 

Economic impact is likely to be higher than for other root-knot nematodes as it produces bigger galls (which can be correlated with reduction of crop yields). An important economic impact is noted in two glasshouses in Switzerland where it has been detected in tomato and cucumber production Also the ability of this nematode species to overcome root-knot nematode resistance genes in economically important crops may increase its economic impact.

2021: The PRA documents were modified to clarify the phytosanitary measures recommended


  • Meloidogyne enterolobii


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  • EPPO
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
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  • Bulgaria
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  • Cyprus
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