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Pest risk assessment made by France on Panonychus citri considered by France as harmful in French overseas departments of French Guiana and Martinique - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Plant Health


This  document  presents  the  opinion  of  the  Panel  on  Plant  Health  on  the  full  the  pest  risk  assessment  conducted  by  France  on Panonychus  citri  with  French  Guiana  and  Martinique considered as endangered areas.

The  citrus  red  mite  Panonychus  citri  (McGregor)  is  a  species  distributed  in  all  regions  of  the  world. It primarily feeds on the upper surface of mature leaves, fruit and young branches, and may cause heavy leaf drop, twig dieback and fruit drop. 

P. citri has a wide host range including all species of citrus, apple, pear, peach, plum, carambola, papaya, loquat and grapevines. Citrus is  the  major  host,  and  although P.  citri  is  polyphagous,  the  above  effects  have  only  been recorded  on  the  major  host  (CABI,  2007).  

The  pest  risk  assessment  concludes  that  the  risk  of  introduction  into  French  Guiana  and  Martinique  is  moderate  for  the  citrus  fruits  pathway,  high  for  the  citrus  plants  for  planting  (whole  plants  and  budwood  for  grafting).  The  risk  of  establishment  is  very  high,  and  the  potential economic impact is moderate.


  • Panonychus citri


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