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Pest Risk Analysis for Diaspidiotus perniciosus


San José scale (as Q. pernicious) was first regulated across Europe through a European Control Directive (69/466/EEC) that was published in 1969 (Anon., 1969). Subsequently the San José Scale directive (69/466/EEC) was substantially amended and in the interests of clarity and rationality it was codified in 2006 as Council Directive 2006/91/EC on control of San José Scale (Anon., 2006), repealing the 1969 directive (69/466 EEC). The 2006 Directive described the minimum measures to be taken within EU MS to control San José Scale and to prevent it from spreading. However, given the widespread distribution of the organism within the EU already and the understanding that the organism would not be of significance in northern Europe if it were to spread, a working party of Agricultural Attachés has considered repealing the 2006 Directive. A PRA is required to inform policy discussions and inform the UK decision as to whether to support repeal of 2006/91/EC. A PRA to assess San José Scale for the UK was previously conducted in 1981 (Baker, 1981). The current PRA draws from the earlier document.


  • Comstockaspis perniciosa


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