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Rapid Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for: Euzophera bigella


Euzophera bigella is a moth found in much of Europe and parts of Asia, whose larvae (caterpillars) feed inside a variety of fruit and under the bark of a number of species of tree. Though there have been several adults caught in light traps in the UK, such records are very scarce and there is no evidence this species is established in any part of this country. Following the rapid screening of E. bigella via the UK Plant Health Risk Register, this PRA was requested to further assess the potential risk to the UK.


  • Euzophera bigella


  • Cydonia oblonga
  • Juglans regia
  • Malus pumila
  • Olea europaea
  • Prunus armeniaca
  • Prunus avium
  • Prunus domestica
  • Prunus persica
  • Punica granatum
  • Pyrus
  • Salix alba
  • Salix purpurea
  • Vitis


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  • United Kingdom