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Express PRA for Pyricularia grisea – Research and Breeding


According to current knowledge, the tropical fungus Pyricularia grisea is not present in Germany. The literature points to one historic evidence in the EU (Romania). So far, it is listed neither in the Annexes of of the Regulation (EU) 2019/2072 nor by EPPO.

Finger millet (Digitaria sp.) was detected as a host plant for P. grisea. Further indications in respect to other host plants as rice, maize, soybean and wheat could be attributed to the equation with the sister species Pyricularia oryzae (Magnaporthe oryzae). However, a broader host plant range of P. grisea cannot be ruled out.

Due to inappropriate climatic conditions, it is assumed that P. grisea cannot establish outdoors in Germany. The establishment in EU Member States is possible wherever P. oryzae is already present. Host plants of P. grisea are not grown in protected cultivation.

Due to the low damage potential on species of finger millet that are not commercially used, P. grisea poses no phytosanitary risk for Germany and a low phytosanitary risk for other EU Member States.

Thus, P. grisea is not classified as a potential quarantine pest and Article 29 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 does not apply. However, host plants are widely distributed in Germany and Europe, a broad host range cannot be completely ruled out and so far, the fungus is not established. Measures for the prevention of the release should be recommended, including the application of the good laboratory practices like the inactivation of the pathogen after completion of the trials.


  • Pyricularia grisea


  • Digitaria


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