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Thrips setosus which is native to Japan and Korea does not yet occur in Germany but is already established in the Netherlands. Up to now it is not listed in the Annexes of Dir. 2000/29/EC but is included in the EPPO Alert List. Thrips setosus is a highly polyphagous species and infests amongst others sweet pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, tobacco, pea, sesame, tomato, potato, rice and hortensia. Furthermore it is capable to transmit Tomato spotted wilt virus. Due to suitable climate conditions it can be assumed that Thrips setosus is able to establish in outdoor areas in Germany. The establishment in other EU Member States is also possible. As the thrips was found in glasshouses in the Netherlands an establishment in protected cultivation can be expected. Due to its high damage potential for a manifold of vegetables and ornamental plants T. setosus represents a considerable phytosanitary risk for Germany and other EU Member States. Based on this risk assessment it is assumed that the pest is able to establish in Germany or other Member States and to cause considerable damage. Thus measures according to § 4a of the Plant Inspection Order should be taken to control the introduction risk and further spread of this potential quarantine pest. If necessary, a monitoring should be carried out in order to find out if the pest might already be wider spread than assumed to date.


  • Thrips setosus


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