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Classification no longer applicable. Due to the wide distribution, Thrips setosus no longer fulfils the criteria of a quarantine pest.

Thrips setosus is native to Japan and Korea. It is established in the Netherlands and further EU Member States. Thus, the pest is constantly being introduced to Germany. T. setosus was listed in the EPPO alert list from 2014 to 2018. Thrips setosus is a highly polyphagous species and infests amongst others sweet pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, tobacco, pea, sesame, tomato, potato, rice and hortensia. T. setosus is the vector of the Tomato spotted virus. Due to appropriate climate conditions, it is assumed that T. setosus is capable to establish outdoors in Germany. The establishment in other Member States is also possible. The thrips was found in glasshouses in the Netherlands thus, the establishment in protected cultivation has to be expected. Thrips setosus is constantly being introduced to Germany. The pest is established in several EU Member States. The Standing Committee for Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF) discussed on T. setosus in June 2019. Most of the Member States are of the opinion that phytosanitary measures are no longer useful because of the wide distribution. Thus, § 4a of the Plant Inspection Order is no longer applicable and there is no longer any obligation for notification, control or approval.


  • Thrips setosus


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