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Quick scan Russelliana solanicola


This Quick scan concerns the psyllid species Russelliana solanicola, a potato pest in South America. R. solanicola poses especially a risk as a vector of a yet not fully identified virus (SB26/29) in potatoes reported from South America (a Quick scan has also been prepared for the virus). The probability of introduction of both the vector and the virus seems currently low. Import of plants for planting of Solanaceae is prohibited in the EU. The probability of introduction will be higher if the pest reproduces on more species than potato. Fruits of tomato and Capsicum are for example imported but it is uncertain if R. solanicola reproduces on these crops. The host plant status of Asteraceae is also uncertain


  • Potato rugose stunting virus
  • Russelliana solanicola


  • Solanum tuberosum


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